Aman Rangapur

Aman Rangapur

About Me

I am a Machine Learning Research Engineer at Data Mining Laboratory, Illinois Institute of Technology working with Dr. Kai Shu. With a resolute dedication to excellence, I consistently push limits to achieve exceptional outcomes. Proficient in programming and analysis, I create deployable, learning-enhanced open source systems.

I am deeply passionate about exploring the frontiers of knowledge in Generative AI, Multimodal Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Specifically, I am fascinated by the transformative potential of deep learning techniques in advancing natural language understanding and generation.


  • Data Mining Lab, Illinois Institute of Technology
      Machine Learning Research Engineer, May 2022 - Present.
      Research Assistant, December 2022 - April 2024.

  • Actualwise Consulting LLC
      Machine Learning Engineer Intern, January 2024 - Present.

  • Appyhub Technology Solutions
     Image Processing Engineer, October 2020 - April 2022.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Center, VIT-AP
     Student Researcher, June 2020 - May 2022.

  • Recent Publications

    Fin-Fact: A Benchmark Dataset for Multimodal Financial Fact Checking and Explanation Generation.
    Aman Rangapur
    , Haoran Wang, Kai Shu.
    LREC-COLING(Submission Under Review).
    [Pre Print], [GitHub], [Hugging Face]

    Investigating Online Financial Misinformation and Its Consequences: A Computational Perspective.
    Aman Rangapur
    , Haoran Wang, Kai Shu.
    [Pre Print]

    EfficientWord-Net: An Open Source Hotword Detection Engine Based on Few-Shot Learning.
    Aman Rangapur
    , Chidhambararajan R, S. Sibi Chakkaravarthy.
    Journal of Information & Knowledge Management.
    [Paper], [GitHub]

    Academic Service

    Sub-reviewer of AAAI 2024 conference.
    Sub-reviewer of NeuralIPS 2023 conference.
    Reviewer of International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems 2023 conference.
    Volunteer for ACM FAccT Conference 2023.

    Fellowships & Awards

    Graduate Student Scholarship Illinois Institute of Technology
    Admission Merit Scholarship George Mason University
    Runner-up position Major League Hacking